Reus engineering was founded in 1997 as a sales representative of Friatec, Mannheim - the global leader in the production of PE electrofusion fittings. Despite the relatively late arrival on the market, Reus engineering with Fraitec's products soon took on a significant position, particularly in the gas distribution segment.

When Friatec became a member of the Aliaxis group in 2003, Reus engineering has used the new opportunities and became an official FIP representative (Genova) with a wide range of plastic piping systems in various materials (PVC, UC, PVC-C, PP-H, PVDF). Particularly good results were achieved in shipbuilding, and today Reus engineering is the strongest partner for Croatian shipbuilding companies. Parallel it was also developed the orientation of industrial applications and water treatment.

In 2010, Reus engineering started working with Logstor, DK. That was another step forward, with success from the very beginning. Large projects (Campus Rijeka, Zenica Hot Water Network) have been successfully followed, as proof that Reus engineering is able to respond to the most complex demands.

Using the market position and already existing distribution channels, Reus engineering also participates in drainage projects. Since 2009, Reus engineering is the official partner of Egeplast (D) in the Republic of Croatia, for the placement of a new generation of innovative PEHD pipes.

Reus engineering, with the products and all the tools needed, also offers knowledge. We are authorized to train and certify PE-HD welders!

From our sales program we would single out:

1. FRIATEC - PEHD fittings and equipment for installation of the PE piping (gas, water, sewerage)
                          10/16 bar;
2. EGEPLAST - PEHD Special Purpose Pipes;
3. RITMO - welding machines for PEHD pipes and for welding polyethylene
                       with hot air;
4. FIP - fittings, armature and plastic pipes for various types of media (acids,
                alkaline, compressed air, fuels, lubricants ...) and various uses (industry,
                shipbuilding, swimming pools ...), 10/16 bar;
5. STRAUB - connectors 16 bar for connecting steel pipes;
6. LOGSTOR - all types of pre-insulated pipes for heating systems, piping and city cooling.


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